Thank you for this PRE-ORDER. please read the following to find out how you are helping this film, its producers and all the experts in the film:

Our film is presently in the final editing stages, coming out in October 2020 for full release.


This is a PRE-ORDER. We expect the film to be completed and ready by early September 2020.


Because you just PRE-ORDERED the film, once the movie is completed, you will be emailed an exclusive PRE-ORDER LINK with free download of the film. The download of the film is valued at $12.  In this exclusive PRE-ORDER offer of $5.95, once the movie is completed, you will receive the $12 value download link. this means you will own your copy giving you illimited viewing and the possibility to share with family and friends.

That’s not all! Since you are PRE-ORDERING the film, you will be the first to view the film in September instead of awaiting the October launch.  You should receive your copy 15 to 30 days before the official October release date.

Why PRE-ORDER? Editing over 300 hours of footage to deliver a 90 minute film is expensive and demands hard work from a dedicated team.

With the PRE-ORDER, you are helping us complete the final editing of this film. This is why you will receive the free download link instead of a limited stream link.

If you would like to help us final edit the film, you can also make a donation by clicking the Paypal donation button. 

All funds received are used to finalize the film. Any remaining funds post edit will help us translate the film in over 9 languages. we want the world to know!

Thank you

The TALK Encounters Team