The Documentary Origin

This documentary, like many other great stories, came about by chance. In 2014, TALK Encounters was hired to film at an annual conference, AutismOne (a non-profit organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis). During the conference, Karl Talbot from TALK Encounters was approached by many attendees curious to know what he was filming and for whom. He had the opportunity to meet and discuss with various intelligent people and the subject surrounding the causes of autism arose.

Among several doctors and scientists, they began discussing the effects of heavy metals and how they can be the cause of many cases of Autism as well as many other diseases. Though they are aware of the dangers of these heavy metals, the sad truth is that they are afraid to speak their knowledge to the world due to the stigma that is attached to this subject. From that moment on, a journey began. Karl met Producer and founder of M2G productions, Chad Murdock – and together they decided it was time for people to know the truth. They decided to make a documentary and soon after, Silenced – As Mercury Rises was born.

The movie will focus on the numerous consequences of the omnipresent Mercury in our bodies and its uses in various consumer products and in some cases, vaccines.

This documentary also addresses a major conflict within medicine today – the conflict between the healers and conscientious professionals who are trying to help those who are suffering, and the status-quo gang with vested financial interests in keeping things the way they are – to keep raking in big bucks with the conventional “treatments” that don’t heal, that just make lots of money at the expense and misery of millions of vulnerable sick people.

The Mission

This documentary aims to denounce the gag order placed on different workers in the fields of healthcare, government and pharmaceuticals. The goal is to educate people on the presence of Mercury in our society to allow people to make enlightened choices for their health and well-being.

The Experts